23 February, 2024

FBT Electric Vehicle Home Charging Rate

Since the introduction of EV incentives by various state governments to encourage the uptake of EVs and other zero emissions vehicles, the market share of EVs has significantly increased from […]
19 February, 2024

Pension Transfer Balance Cap 2024-25

The transfer balance cap was originally introduced in 2017 as a way to limit the amount of capital that can be transferred into a tax-exempt retirement phase. This was implemented […]
16 February, 2024

Tackling Offshore Tax Evasion

Offshore tax evasion was once the domain of the very wealthy, but as the world becomes more globalised, many ordinary professional individuals both with and without accounting experience are increasing […]
13 February, 2024

DGR Reforms And Integrity Measures Now In Place

With the ushering in of the new year, deductible gift recipient (DGR) reforms are now in place. The reforms were originally announced by the previous government in 2017 with legislation […]
6 February, 2024

Are You Receiving PSI?

Personal Services Income (PSI) generally only applies to individuals that receive more than 50% of their ordinary or statutory income from a contract as a reward for personal effort or […]
31 January, 2024

ATO’s Continued Focus On Illegal Early Release

As a new calendar year commences, the ATO’s priorities in the SMSF sector remain consistent. As with previous years, the greatest area of concern for the ATO continues to be […]
29 January, 2024

Stage 3 Tax Cuts Vs Proposed Changes

The talk about the stage 3 tax cuts has reached fever pitch in recent days. The changes were originally legislated by the previous government in 2019 with support of the […]
24 January, 2024

Enhancing TPB Sanctions Regime: Consultation

In response to the tax adviser misconduct saga that unfolded during 2023, the government has identified several priority areas for action, including strengthening the regulatory regime and increasing the power […]
22 January, 2024

Foreign Investors To Pay More For Residential Property

In response to various media commentary and public sentiment that foreign investors are one of the most significant factors causing the shortage of housing supply in Australia, the government has […]
17 January, 2024

Employer SG Obligations: Annual Report

Each year the ATO releases a report containing the latest annual statistical results for employer super guarantee (SG) compliance and obligations, and this year is no exception. According to the […]