10 July, 2020

ATO Compliance: COVID-19 Support Measures

With many Australian businesses taking part in the government’s COVID-19 stimulus package including the JobKeeper and the cash flow boost, the ATO has now commenced a compliance program to weed […]
8 July, 2020

COVID-19 Recovery Grant For NSW Small Businesses

As the country starts on its road to recovery from COVID-19, with most states gradually lifting restrictions on gatherings and business trading, many businesses are starting to reopen and trade […]
2 July, 2020

Don’t Jump The Gun And Lodge Too Early

If you’re a retail or hospitality worker, 2020 has perhaps not been the best year. However, as with everything, there is a silver lining, with tax time just around the […]
14 June, 2020

Don’t Forget The Instant Asset Write-Off

With businesses all around the country starting back up after the COVID-19 pandemic, many, including the federal government are hoping to trade their way out of a potentially prolonged recession. […]
2 June, 2020

ATO Scam Calls May Be A Thing Of The Past

Receiving scam calls purportedly from the ATO and other official departments may be a thing of the past with the completion of a successful trial of software to block specific […]
1 June, 2020

Government Contracts And The STR

With the Federal government planning to ramp up infrastructure spending to get the economy going with “nation building” projects, the opportunity is ripe for businesses to take full advantage and […]
27 May, 2020

COVID-19 Effect On Rental Property Owners

The COVID-19 pandemic’s knock-on effect on the economy has meant that many landlords are feeling the strain as their tenants seek to delay paying rent or reducing rent in response […]
24 May, 2020

Risks Involved In Consolidating Super

We’ve always been told that consolidating our super is one of the easiest ways to grow our retirement funds. By reducing the amount of insurance, account-keeping, and investment fees paid […]
20 May, 2020

ATO Data-Matching: Ride Sharing

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, many routine things have slipped under the radar, one of which is the various data-matching programs still going on at the ATO. One of the more […]
17 May, 2020

JobKeeper: ATO Compliance On “Schemes”

The ATO has released its practical administrative approach to businesses claiming the JobKeeper payment. Generally, it notes that it would only apply compliance resources to what would amount to a […]