18 October, 2021

Medium And Emerging Private Groups ATO Program

The ATO runs many compliance programs targeting privately owned and wealthy groups, while the majority of the attention is focused on the “Top 500 private groups tax performance program” and […]
13 October, 2021

Federal COVID-19 Disaster Payment To Be Phased Out

The government has announced the phasing out of the COVID-19 disaster payment to individuals as the country gradually reaches various vaccine targets and learns to live with the virus. The […]
11 October, 2021

Beware Of Extra JobSaver Eligibility Condition

The JobSaver payment was introduced as a means to provide cash flow support for NSW businesses impacted by the 2021 COVID-19 lockdown. Employing businesses that have an aggregated turnover of […]
5 October, 2021

Self Education Expense Threshold To Be Removed

With the introduction of a recent Bill, the government is finally following through on its promise to remove the $250 non-deductible threshold for self-education expenses. While self-education expenses are generally […]
27 September, 2021

New Stapled Super Changes Coming For Employers

Employers beware, from 1 November 2021, if you’re hiring new employees, there may be an extra step involved in determining which super fund employee contributions need to be paid into. […]
23 September, 2021

Closing A business? Don’t Forget The GST Registration

If the current prolonged lockdown and economic conditions has prompted you to sell or close your business, beware that you must attend to cancelling your GST registration within a certain […]
22 September, 2021

Selling Property: Don’t Forget The Clearance Certificate

With spring weather warming up and Australian property market still running hot in all States and Territories, if you’re thinking of selling a property, you probably know all about finding […]
15 September, 2021

APRA MySuper Performance Test Results

The first annual APRA MySuper Product Performance Test results have released. This performance test requirement was introduced as a part of the Your Future, Your Super reforms and compliments other […]
13 September, 2021

Loss Carry Back: Beware Of Common Mistakes

As businesses around Australia endure the ever ending cycle of lockdowns to combat COVID-19, many small businesses can use all the help they can get. For businesses that haven’t lodged […]
10 September, 2021

COVID-19 Support Payments: What You’ll Need To Report

2021 may feel like groundhog day with many States and Territories in various stages of lockdown attempting to control the highly infectious Delta variant. It may not seem like it, […]